It turns out that a woman is actually double-crossing Luis, the man who is receiving the delivery and who supposedly is her lover. She is actually working with another man and his associates so they can take possession of the drugs. When the drugs arrive from Texas, she goes to a back room and gives a signal to the other people, and they storm the house, killing everyone that is inside, including the woman that helped them get the drugs. She is horrified as she realized he has betrayed her over the drug deal. This man, needs to get these drugs to California, so he meets up with a college student who is looking for a ride home for the holidays. He asks her to drive the car to L.A. and park it in a specific space at a certain parking garage, and gives her a substantial amount of money for gas. When she seems surprised at the amount, he says that the car is very special to her father-in-law. Along the way she has a flat tire and is stunned to find the white powder all neatly bundled up in the trunk. When a police officer stops to offer assistance, she is really nervous, but ends up convincing the officer she is OK.  As soon as she arrives L.A., she calls 911 and reports that there are drugs in the trunk of the car.
Seeds of Tragedy, continued
Segment 4 -- Southern Texas / Denver: Vernon arrives with the processed drugs. The pick-up man says that the Boss wants him to reconsider about leaving, but Vernon takes his money and leaves.  The pick-up man heads to a motel room where he makes a call to a contact in Denver, saying in a coded message that he will be there the next evening.
Dion heads for home but is jumped along the way by a group of Cholos who threaten to kill him if he doesn’t come up with the money he owes them -- he has until midnight. After Dion packages up the drugs (with a very pregnant wife looking on) he heads out to make his deals, but they the first one falls through. Along the way he stops in to see his younger brother, Jamal, at work. Since Dion’s mother doesn’t want him at the house it’s the only place he can see him. Jamal invites him over to the house later saying that their mother will be working late and it will be OK.
Margie shows up at Marion’s place where she encounters a strange group of people completely strung out on drugs. When she tells him that she doesn’t have money to buy anything and wants a loan, he says she can take it out in trade. Jamal interrupts them, saying he needs more time to get the money together. Marion says he will give him one more hour -- only because Margie has started to go into convulsions and he needs Dion to take her to the hospital. When Dion drops her there, the E.R. doctor comes out the help and recognizes Marion’s abandoned car. Dion runs home only to find that his wife has gotten into his stash and she is completely out of it. It leaves him short, but he packages up what is left and goes to his brother’s house, asking that he do him a favor since he has another errand he has to do. He wants him to deliver the drugs, collect the money, and then meet him at the bridge no later than 1:00 A.M. Reluctantly his little brother agrees to do it -- if Dion will give it all up. Just then their mother comes home and kicks Dion out.
Jamal makes the delivery and runs to the bridge to meet Dion -- just as the Cholos drive up, recognize him as Dion’s brother and shoot him since Dion is late with the money. Dion arrives just as this happens and finds his brother dead in the street. Sobbing, he shouts for help. His cries echo off the buildings of the city. The camera pulls away and pans the mountains of Peru where a startled Carlitos looks around to see who is calling for help...
Segment 5:  Los Angeles, Calfornia: Two officers wait in the parking garage to arrest whoever is coming to claim the car. As soon as they jump the three pick-up men, they open the trunk and find the drugs. The officers are crooked and only half of the drug shipment ends up being turned into the police department. From there one of the officers takes his share of the drugs to a major dealer in the area who goes by the name of Marion, and they work a deal. An associate of the major dealer tests the powder and finds it to be quite pure. They decide to cut it down to about 55% before they contact the men who will distribute it out to the streets for them.  Marion says to himself, “It’s going to be a big weekend in L.A.”
Marion also heads out to the streets and comes into contact with some of his regular customers:  an E.R. doctor who needs to score to make it through the evening, along with a woman, Margie, who is out with two of her friends. Marion ends up convincing her to come over to one of his “party” locations later on. The police also question him but let him go when they realize he isn’t carrying anything. A key person in this segment appears -- a young man by the name of Dion. He is asking Marion to front him a substantial amount of drugs. Marion is reluctant, but Dion convinces him he is good for the money and the deals he has set up are sure things. Marion threatens him saying that if he doesn’t come up with the money on time he will wish he had, and to be careful because others are after him too.
Did you know?  Dion and Jamal are real-life brothers!
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