Riders of the Purple Sage
Norbert Weisser and Ed Harris have worked on many projects together -- both in film and on stage. Two of their other pairings are the film Pollock and the play Taking Sides. Director:  Charles Haid Ex Producers: Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, David A. Rosemont Producer: Thomas John Kane The presentation for this film on this website is abbreviated since I have created an entire spin-off website dedicated to this film, complete with behind the scenes photos, the special TNT Premiere Invite and production notes. Riders of the Purple Sage.  This movie was a Remi award winner at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.
Norbert is cold-hearted and calculating as Deacon Tull in this adaptation of a Zane Grey western. He has been attempting to convince an heiress with rich holdings of land and cattle to marry him. She does not love him and knows he only wants her for her land. A gunman, Lassiter, comes into the area and wins her trust and affection instead. Deacon Tull and other members of his religious sect stop at nothing to get what they want, including bloodshed and murder. Tull and others of the sect are killed as they attempt to gain the upper hand. The incredibly talented husband and wife team of Ed Harris (Lassiter) and Amy Madigan (heiress Jane Withersteen) are the stars and executive producers of this wonderful 1996 made-for-tv movie.
Deacon Tull constantly harasses and humiliates Jane in his bid to win her land and cattle.
After unsuccessfully attempting to kill Lassiter, and take Jane’s cattle and land, Tull follows them to their hiding place, and is killed by falling rock.
The website features official stills, production information and many behind-the-scenes photos that were taken by the cast and crew.
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