Radioactive Dreams
Norbert is Sternwood in this 1985 movie. I  apologize that a lot of these images are dark and murky. A lot of the scenes were  set in very dimly lit rooms, warehouses and so on. It worked for the tone of the film, but didn't translate well when I did the screencaps, especially in the case of Norbert's character.
Radioactive Dreams is the story of two young men that have spent the last fifteen years locked in a bomb shelter after a nuclear war, put there by their fathers who wanted to keep them safe. About the only thing they have had to entertain themselves with are pulp fiction detective novels. Their names are Phillip Chandler who fancies himself as sort of a magician and Marlow Hammer whose passion is dancing. This story is part futuristic action, part musical, part fantasy, and a parody of pulp fiction with Chandler's and Hammer's lines coming right out of the stories of the private eyes they want to emulate. One day they manage to jump in a car that was left in the garage, and they head out into the world looking for their fathers and adventure. The world is a nuclear wasteland and filled with every possible type of creature. The first person they encounter is Miles, who drops two red keys in Marlow's lap while she is kissing him. Neither Phillip or Marlow know that all but one nuclear weapon has been detonated, and whoever possesses the two keys required to launch it will control the world. All of a sudden it seems as if every possible sort of character imaginable is after them in order to take the keys from them since Miles was the last person known to have them.
Norbert Weisser, Radioactive Dreams Radioactive Dreams
John Stockwell as Phillip Chandler and Michael Dudikoff as Marlow Hammer
As they travel into town, they meet a variety of interesting characters including child gangsters, a vegetable man and a flaming haired biker chick gang.
Radioactive Dreams
After they reach a town, they meet up with a woman named Rusty. Anxious for female attention both men are caught up in the endless possibilities the town provides, but their association with Rusty leads them to Sternwood, a cannibal who torments them in an effort to get the keys. They manage to escape but run into endless gangs of freaks and others tracking them down. The last two they meet up with are two men that are actually not the monsters they seem to be. They peel off their masks and it is revealed that they are Phillip's and Marlow's fathers, just before they are gunned down by others looking for the keys. However, with their deaths, the gangs have had enough fighting, so Marlow teaches Phillip how to dance, and they dance their way out into the now benevolent crowd. Oh, and the keys? Phillip and Marlow decided to save them for a rainy day just in case they needed them... Then Phillip meets up with Sternwood, a cannibal acquaintance of Rusty's. He is after the keys as well, but Phillip makes his escape.
Norbert Weisser in Radioactive Dreams
George Kennedy in disguise as Spade Chandler, Phillip’s father.
Christian Andrews is the Brick Bardo of the movie.
Michelle Little as Rusty
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