Omega Doom
Norbert Weisser appears as The Head in this 1996 movie that also features Rutger Hauer as Omega Doom / Guardian Angel. Many regular “Pyun Players” appear in this film.
The Head in constant search of a robot body that he can stay attached to in this futuristic movie that features Rutger Hauer as Omega Doom, a robot who survived a global nuclear war. The movie is set in Old World Europe where the humans and robots fought each other until they destroyed much of the Earth. Omega Doom wanders into a town, where amongst the rubble and bombed out buildings, he finds two warring factions, the Roms and the Droids. They hate each other with an intensity yet they aren't fighting. Omega Doom comes upon The Head who asks if he isn't curious about that, all while he is getting kicked around like a soccer ball by Marko, a hate-filled Droid who was the one that cut off his head so he could use his robot body for parts. 
Omega Doom
Omega Doom arrives in town and finds total destruction and an odd collection of residents. Omega Doom ends up  befriending a Drone, the town Bartender who is a kind woman serving up water. She fills him in on the particular characters in the town, Blackheart, Zed, Ironface and others -- all dangerous and out to kill him because they don't trust him. When Blackheart discovers that she has a gun, she is sure the cache of them is located near her well, but  their search comes up empty.  Omega Doom ends up wounding Zed and killing Marko and Blackheart, especially after Blackheart wounds him and probes his memory. She finds that he was reprogrammed to have a Human purpose, and was previously know as Guardian Angel. The Head ends up saving Omega Doom, but loses his head again in the process. Omega Doom provides him with yet another body, this time a good one -- the body of Blackheart! It's a great moment in film. The evil in the town has now been destroyed, leaving the Bartender in charge of a more benevolent place. Omega Doom gives  The Head his hat so he will stay warm, and heads off into the sunset to do good some place else.  This is actually a real watchable movie, with Norbert providing wonderful physical comedy and delivering great lines throughout. There is no bloodshed even though it sounds violent -- there are just sparks flying as circuits are fried. I  found myself enjoying this one very much -- a very pleasant surprise and a gem.
Tina Cote, Omega Doom
The Bartender as played by Anna Katarina
Blackheart and her team, including Ironface. Blackheart was played by Pyun regular Tina Cote.
Norbert does a great job at the physical comedy associated with this character. As he connects his head with his new circuits, he has a few twitches and convulsions here and there. He and Omega Doom talk about the Roms and Droids, and the various inhabitants of the town such as:
Shannon Whirry as Zed, Earl White as Metalface and Jahi Zuri as Marko
The Head is learning to control his new body, not without a great deal of effort and some stumbles along the way. Then Marko comes along and decapitates him again and amuses himself by bashing The Head against a wall. The Head's next body has legs that don't function, so he spends some time either crawling around or tying wooden splints to them to support himself.
Norbert Weisser, Omega Doom
Rutger Hauer
Finally, Omega Doom provides him with a hat so he will be warm, as Blackheart's last living associate looks on.
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After Blackheart is killed, peace comes to the town. Most of all, The Head is pleased with his newest body -- that of the curvacious Blackheart. The Bartender seems to approve. He vows to take better care of it than she did and to use it to do good in the world.... .. after he learns to walk in it, that is. Maybe his center of gravity is off because he is so top heavy? :-)
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