Norbert Weisser, Nemesis 4 Norbert Weisser, Nemesis 4
Nemesis 4: Cry of Angels
Norbert Weisser is Tokuda in this 1996 movie that stars Sue Price as Alex.
This is the final instalment of the Nemesis movie series. The year is now 2080 and the war between the humans and cyborgs is over. Both sides have started working for the global crime syndicates. Alex was sent to kill a priest because he was using his church to smuggle drugs and was known to dip into the shipments. After she kills him she is followed by a lady in black and masked creatures. She then reports to her boss, Bernardo, who berates her, and tells her she is past her prime and is no longer any use to him as an assassin because she doesn't blend in with the other humans because she is so muscular. He has one last job for her, then he wants her to retire. Alex ends up killing the wrong man. After she kills him the woman in black makes another appearance,and Alex thinks she is the angel of death. It turns out that Alex has a price on her head of $100 million, so every cyborg enhanced killer is out after her. Tokuda shows up and says he will split the money with her but the catch is she has to let him kill her, then she can give her share to someone she likes. She ends up killing him, but calls upon her friend Johnny, and says if she has to die, she wants him to have the money. The woman in black makes another appearance. After Alex kills her, she find out she was affiliated with one of the drug cartels instead of being a death angel. Johnny spares her life and together they double cross her boss and kill him after he has the money wired into their account, then Alex disappears.
Norbert Weisser, Nemesis 4 Norbert Weisser Sue Price
Sue Price as Alex
Norbert Weisser, Nemesis 4
Tokuda appears and attempts to track down Alex and kill her so he can collect the reward money, but Alex ends up killing him instead.
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