Norbert Weisser, Nemesis 3
Nemesis 3: Time Lapse
Norbert Weisser is Edson in this 1996 movie that stars Sue Price as Alex.
Norbert as Edson  and  Sue Price as Alex
Tim Thomerson as Farnsworth 2 a Cyborg
Alex escapes from him and ends up in another sector where she ends up meeting a mercenary Edson, and other human rebels. She befriends one of them, Johnny, even though Edson is also interested in hooking up with her. He is undaunted by the fact that she thinks he is scummy. Of course, he is only on her side until the cyborgs have come along and offer him a better deal. He's really just in it for the money, and will switch sides at the drop of a hat. All Alex hopes for is that through one of them she can find her sister. Farnsworth 2 has called for backup, and more cyborgs appear to attempt to capture Alex. After another battle and explosion, she ends up back at the point where she first met Farnsworth 2, still not having the answers she is seeking.
Edson wakes up from a nap when he hears the commotion over Alex arriving in town.
A true mercenary, he continually plays both sides against the middle and switches alliances to whomever will pay the most or keep him alive. Even when he sends Alex off in the direction to find her sister, he is really sending her off to the Cyborgs as he promised them he would if they didn't kill him.
Norbert Weisser, Nemesis 3 Norbert Weisser Nemesis 3
Xavier Declie as Johnny and Jahi Zuri as a rebel. Both of these actors have several Pyun films to their credit, and some with Norbert too, such as Adrenalin, Heatseeker and Omega Doom.
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The year is 2077 and Cyborgs have conquered the earth. They need to capture a DNA mutant human woman, Alex, since she holds the secret that will enable them to finally destroy all humans. In the opening scene a woman carrying a baby is being chased by tribesmen in East Africa. Just before she is about to get caught, she puts the baby down, giving it a unique necklace that will explain all of her powers. The baby, Alex, is found and raised by the tribes people. Farnsworth 2, a cyborg, is given a directive to travel to 1998 Africa in a time capsule, then capture and scan the mutant human. That is her last known location and time. Alex is unconscious on the arid ground, having flashbacks about what happened to her. She awakes not knowing who or where she is. Tracing her footsteps back, she runs into Farnsworth 2. He gives her a shot that is suppose to restore her memory, all the while asking about family, her mother, sisters and if she has had children.