Norbert Weisser, Invasion
Invasion is a movie that brings forth an innovative approach to film. Other than the opening and closing scenes with the reporter, the entire movie is shot through a dash-cam mounted in a deputy's car, capturing the events of one night. The only other variation is when the "picture-in-picture" is activated, allowing the deputy to visually communicate with headquarters. Much of the dialogue is heard throughout the film without actually seeing the actors portraying the roles.  Deputy Brick Bardo is patrolling the wooded area of Lawton County when he is flagged down by a man whose truck has  broken down. His phone has gone dead, so Bardo offers to call a tow truck for him. Just then, Deputy Ben radios in from headquarters that a local man, Jenkins, has gone missing. His wife reported that his phone went dead when she was talking to him. He had told her that a meteorite had almost struck him. He reported that he felt something moving inside of him just as she lost contact with him. Deputy Ben also reported that a local doctor reported a meteorite hit, then contact was lost with him. Deputy Ben asks that Bardo try to locate Jenkins. Bardo comes across Jenkins' truck, but no Jenkins. Just then, a zombie-like Jenkins appears and attacks Bardo and we see something resembling a worm crawl into his ear. Bardo has a few little convulsions, but climbs back into his patrol car and reports that all is fine with Jenkins. Ben asks if he is OK since his voice is so different. All the while several more meteors have been falling.
Laurie O’Brien as the reporter covering the strange meteors and the events happening in the remote area where people are disappearing, Laurie and Norbert have appeared in films and on stage together several times previously.
Through the dash-cam we see the setting unfolding and the man flagging down Deputy Bardo, who will come back to deal with the kids on Lover's Lane later.
He comes across the truck belonging to Jenkins, but can't find him. Suddenly a zombie-like Jenkins appears and attacks Bardo, spreading the infection to him.
Bardo heads back to deal with the kids, where Timmy, the Mayor's son, tells him to leave them alone. Bardo attacks him, turning him into a zombie, then taunts Cheryl who manages to escape in bardo's patrol car.
At the advice of Deputy Ben, Cheryl tries to get out of the area, but the only road out is blocked by zombies Timmy and Bardo. They have attacked the man with the broken down truck and the tow truck driver, and are now after her.
Deputy Ben suddenly arrives on the scene where instead of saving her, he attacks her with Timmy and the other zombies looking on.
Norbert Weisser Norbert Weisser, Morgan Weisser, Jenny Dare Paulin
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Norbert Weisser Official Fansite
Norbert Weisser Official Fansite
Norbert Weisser is Dr. Franks and Deputy Ben in this 2005 film, and is also one of the producers. Invasion won Best Movie at the Estepona Cinema Fantastique in 2005, where Albert Pyun also received a Lifetime Achievement Award. You can see photos on the Albert Pyun Facebook page. Invasion was written by Cynthia Curnan.