Norbert Weisser is Tsui Tung in this 1995 movie that also features Tina Cote and Keith Cooke. My apologies that many of these images are of poor quality since they were taken from an old VHS tape. Now that it is available on Amazon as an instant video, I plan to replace these screencaps soon (along with many other of the older Albert Pyun movies that were taken from old tapes).
Norbert plays Tsui Tung, who heads up Sianon Corporation, a cyber-technology company governed by a council of Elders. They want to market and promote their cyber-technology implants to demonstrate their superiority. Sianon has developed a cyborg kick-boxer they want to showcase in a world class kick-boxing event. To garner interest and to make a huge amount of money on the event, they want to pit their cyborg, Xao, against all other cyborg kick-boxers, even though he is over 50% implant enhanced and technically ineligible for the competition. Tung dismisses the rule stating that the competition is on their island and out of that jurisdiction. To make it even more interesting they want one completely human participant, the current world champion kick-boxer Chance O'Brien. Tung meets up with Chance and his trainer and fiancee, Jo, at a press conference being held in honor of Chance's latest victory. He makes the offer to them to participate in the competition, but they refuse. Tung then has Jo kidnapped and taken hostage to Sianon in New Manila. He implants a computer chip into her neck that renders her completely helpless against him. She is completely under his control and at his mercy. He can control her with one click on a keyboard. Tung also wants Jo to train his cyborg and to show him love.
Norbert Weisser in Heatseeker
Tony Mabesa as an Elder.
Tim Thomerson as Oldest Elder. Tim has appeared in ten Albert Pyun films.
Agusto Victa as Older Elder.
Chance finds out that Jo has been taken by Tung and travels to New Manila to find her, and to register for the kick-boxing competition. Tung's thugs track him down and leave him beaten up in a back alley. A man by the name of Bradford comes to his aid and shows him where the Sianon company is located so he can attempt to rescue Jo. He is intercepted by Tung who torments him with images of a captive Jo. The competition is finally at hand where Xao and Chance advance to the finals, having eliminated all other competitors. Chance gains the upper hand and is completely destroying Xao during the competition which infuriates Tung. He storms out into the arena where it appears he is going to shoot Chance, but instead ends up getting killed instead, and Chance and Jo happily reunite with each other.
Keith Cooke as Chance O’Brien and Tina Cote as Jo. Keith has won many martial arts awards and championships.
Gary Daniels as Xao. Gary has won the Light Heavyweight Kick-boxing Championship of the world.
Thom Mathews as Bradford. He has appeared in eleven Pyun films, and three others with Norbert including Blast, Crazy Six and Down Twisted.
Tung kidnaps Jo and keeps her under his control, forcing her to train Xao, and submit to him. Chance learns of her location and attempts to rescue her.
Chance ends up in control of the match against which infuriates Tung. He charges out on the floor to kill Chance, but is taken down by Chance. He ends up winning the competition and killing the evil Tung in the process. He and Jo are reunited.
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