Down Twisted
Norbert Weisser is Alesandro Deltoid in this 1987 movie that also stars Carey Lowell and Charles Rocket.
Norbert is a wealthy industrialist from the fictitious country of San Lucas. He has traveled to America, taking his hired thieves with him in order to steel a valuable relic -- an ancient religious icon made from solid gold and the cultural symbol of his country. His men track down a woman named Michelle, believing she has the icon. Knowing she is in trouble, Michelle goes to her best friend, Maxine, who is a naive, yet good- hearted waitress. She ends up who trying to help her, not realizing she had been involved with Deltoid and his men. Michelle ends up getting killed and Maxine's efforts end up getting her involved with a grungy mercenary and associate of Deltoid, a man known as Reno. Maxine is eventually kidnapped and taken aboard a boat heading for San Lucas because Deltoid believes she is the one now in possession of the relic. Onboard with her is Reno. They end up escaping from the boat and making it to shore on San Lucas where Maxine ends up fleeing for her life with him. After they wash up on shore they must run through the jungle to avoid militants and Deltoid's men. The man that killed Michelle, Damalas, is hot on their heels, tracking them to the town where they are staying, but Reno kills him instead. Reno ends up falling in love with Maxine and helping her, since he is actually trying to double cross Deltoid by giving him a replica of the relic instead.
Thom Mathews as a very blonde Damalas. He is out to kill Reno and Maxine in order to gain contol of the relic. Thom Mathews has appeared in 11 Albert Pyun Films, four of them with Norbert. The other three are: Blast, Crazy Six and Heatseeker.
Carey Lowell as Maxine and Charles Rocket as Reno.
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