Deceit is actually a fairly entertaining little movie that combines more tongue-in-cheek humor than any actual science fiction element even though it is classified as a Sci-Fi movie. About the only science fiction prop is the all powerful Cube (more on that below). This movie really has a certain charm about it. The movie opens with Farnsworth writing a note and drinking bleach. After he goes into severe convulsions, we see him flat on the ground. The movie then cuts to him flagging down a car and getting a ride from some people headed to Las Vegas. He kills all but one of them, a woman named Eve, and ends up taking her into a dusty and murky warehouse with the intent of scoring with her. She refuses, but says that if they talk a little and she gets to know him she might consider it if she can start to like him.
Baily tells her story after story, one being that he is an alien that has come to destroy earth using two nuclear reactors that he has stolen. When she scorns him he changes his story and says he is really an escaped mental patient that has made millions of dollars through an investment scheme, but then he says that is also a lie. His main focus is to try to seduce her before he has to go back to  his planet after they destroy the earth, and he is trying to find a story she will believe so she will be interested in him and have sex  with him. Just then, Brick Bardo appears. He tells Eve that he is really Baily's doctor and has come to get him. He hands over “The Cube” to Baily and tells him to not use it for too long. While Baily is gone he also tries to seduce Eve, eventually telling her that he is not Baily's doctor, but he is also an alien, and they are about to destroy the earth because it is so polluted. He just wants to make it with her before they do.
Norbert Weisser Norbert Weisser in Deceit
Norbert as Farnsworth, as he is writing his suicide note and then kills himself by drinking bleach. This is actually later revealed by the aliens as what happened to him.
In this series of screencaps, Baily is telling Eve that the only reason he didn't kill her was because he wanted to have sex with her, and demands that she remove her clothes.
Eve keeps resisting Baily's advances, telling him that he basically creeps her out. She then tells him that if they talk for awhile and she gets to know him a little better she won't find him so revolting, and may consent to his advances. He tells her about his mission as an alien and about being a mental patient, then tells her they are all lies, so Eve doesn't know what to believe.
Eve eventually ends up getting Baily's gun and shoots both Brick and Baily, but not before Bailey has a little rant with Brick about he is always the one to get the woman and he ends up having to go home frustrated every time. It turns out that they two men really are aliens and took over the bodies of Farnsworth and his dead doctor, and that Farnsworth really was a multi-millionaire. Wilma, the women in the car who was killed by Baily, appears as another alien, a police officer from Baily's planet. She confirms both Baily's and Brick's alien story and says she has been tracking them because they actually stole “The Cube” from their government. Eve is successful in her plea to Wilma to save the planet.
Scott Paulin makes his appearance as Brick Bordo, another alien and Baily's partner. He sends Baily away with The Cube so he can try to score with Eve. He is unsuccessful, but doesn't give up. Apparently this cube is all powerful, so when Brick gets The Cube back from Baily, he uses it in another attempt at seducing Eve. She ends up biting his tongue off when he kisses her.
Scott Paulin has appeared in six Albert Pyun films, two others of which have also included Norbert: Captain America and Infection.
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Norbert Weisser is Bailey / Farnsworth in this 1989 film that also features Scott Paulen and Samantha Phillips. My apologies that the images later on in this presentation are murky -- the majority of the film was shot in a smoky/dusty warehouse.
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