Crazy Six
Norbert Weisser is Jerzey in this 1996 movie that features Burt Reynolds as Dakota and Rob Lowe as Billy/Crazy Six. Billie is  an American dependent on drugs and head of a mob family. He travels to Eastern Europe, now a place known as  Crimeland after the collapse of Communism because of the weapons and drug trade. Everyone calls him Crazy Six because he is the sixth child of his family and he is crazy for drugs. Another mob leader, Dirty Mao forms an alliance with him to overthrow Raul. Raul is a drug lord who also deals in plutonium on the side. Crazy Six and another gang member steal the plutonium and from money from him. As Crazy Six tries to escape the influence of the drugs, Raul chases him and it's up to an American inspector helping the local police to step in and intervene. Norbert only makes a very brief appearance.
Norbert Weisser in Crazy Six Norbert Weisser
Clockwise: Thomas Morris as Yusovic, Ice T as Raul, Mario van Peebles as Dirty Mao and Rob Lowe as Billy/Crazy  Six.
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