Captain America
Norbert plays an Alaskan surveyor in this film who discovers Captain America frozen in a block of ice. During the mid 30's a boy is taken from his parents as they are killed by German soldiers. They want him because he has superior intelligence and they want to use him in an experiment. They are working on a process that has changed a rat into a stronger and smarter creature, and they want to see if it will work on the boy. When Dr. Carla Vaseli, the person responsible for developing the procedure, sees that it is just a boy they will attempt their experiment on, she is repulsed and escapes. In 1943, Dr. Vaseli is now working for the U.S. government and using her knowledge to create a super soldier on a project known as Project Rebirth. Her first volunteer is Steve Rogers, a man with polio. She is convinced she can create a strong man from a weak one. She is gunned down by a Nazi infiltrator just as the treatment has concluded, and her knowledge goes to the grave with her. Steve is now Captain America and one of a kind.
Captain America is sent to Germany to stop the firing of a missile that can reach the U.S. It is there that he first meets up with Red Skull, who straps him to the missile as it is being launched. Just as it is approaching the White House, he is able to change the course of the missile, but not before a young boy, Tom Kimball, snaps a photo of him. Captain America then crashes deep into the frozen wasteland of Alaska. Tom can't wait to show his best friend Sam, and they wonder who the super hero could be, making a determination that it is Captain America. It is now the 1990's and Tom is President of the U.S., and Sam is an ace reporter for the city paper. Tom doesn't realize it, but his top general and advisor, General Fleming, is also working with an Italian criminal, Tadzio de Santis, who is responsible for the deaths of John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. He wants to add Tom Kimball to his list. While a crew is surveying in Alaska, they come across Captain America frozen in the ice and take him back to their station, where he melts free and runs away, but not before they take a photo of him and submit it to the paper. Captain America returns to his family in California, only to have them gunned down by Santis' men because they have recognized him from the photo. Santis is able to kidnap the President, but Captain America comes to his rescue. It turns out that Santis is really Red Skull -- the mutation being the result of the experiment done on him when he was a boy. Captain America kills him, making the world a safer place.
Norbert Weisser, Captain America Norbert Weisser in Captain America Norbert Weisser
As Norbert’s character circles around the block of ice wondering what is inside, Captain America breaks free and runs away, but not before he manages to get a photo of him.
Captain America                                            Red Skull /  Tadzio di Santis.                               Captain America saves a grateul President.
Veteran actors Ronny Cox as President Kimball, Ned Beatty as Sam, and Darren McGavin as General Fleming
Garrett Henson as young Tom Kimball and Thomas Ned Beatty Jr. as young Sam. They are trying to determine the identity of the hero strapped to the missile.
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