Norbert Weisser
In this film, Norbert plays an FBI / Interpol Commando rescuer as part of a team led by Rutger Hauer as Leo. They are tasked by the City of Atlanta to save the American swim team that is being held hostage by terrorists that have taken over the aquatic center, eliminating team members one by one until their demands are met. Their target is ultimately the President as he is scheduled to attend the swim team events at the aquatic center. The President tells the terrorists that he will meet their demands if they stop killing the swim team members. One of the staff at the center is the ex-husband of the swim team coach. He works through the vast maze of the building eliminating the terrorists, their cameras and microphones until he is able to reach her, where he finds she has been wired with a bomb. Leo and his team of FBI agents reach the coach and the team just in time. Norbert and Rutger's characters spend the better part of the movie in the control and command center where they try to determine who the terrorists are and then plan a course of action to take them down and diffuse the bombs.
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Rutger Hauer as Leo
Tim Thomerson as the Police Commissioner. He has worked with Norbert on two other Puyn films:  Heatseeker and Nemesis III: Prey Harder, as well as the 80's TV series Hunter. (Tim has appeared in ten Albert Pyun films to date.)
Yuji Okumoto has worked with Norbert on two Albert Pyun films, the other one being Ticker. He has appeared in five Pyun movies altogether.
Tina Cote as a City Aide. Tina has worked with Norbert on two other Pyun films: Heatseeker and Omega Doom,  and has appeared in six Pyun films.
Barbara Roberts as The Mayor
Norbert and Rutger have made two Albert Pyun films together -- this one and Omega Doom, as well as a made-for-TV movie, Amerlia Earhart: The Final Flight.  
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