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Norbert is Stephens, head of security at an Indonesion resort (that instead happens to strongly resemble the beautiful Hilton Waikoloa Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii, but I may be wrong...). Two of his employees are investigating a string of murders -- all of them beautiful women, and all murders bearing the same M.O. Stephens wants to keep the murders quiet so the hotel guests are not alarmed. He has one of his employees, Sandra, go under cover to see what she can find out about any common thread among the victims. It turns out that she infiltrates a prostitution ring, and that the man they suspected all along of being the killer is actually innocent. The real killer turns out to be Sandra's partner, Pete, who has lured her into a trap when he feels she is getting too close to finding out the truth.
Norbert Weisser, Bad Bizness
After a murder on the resort property, the security team led by Stephens decides on a course of action, even though they don't have a lot to go on.
Norbert Weisser Norbert Weisser, Bad Bizness Norbert Weisser
Frustrated with the lack of hard evidence in the murders, Stephens arranges to have a woman who was friends with the murdered women work with them. She is wired and planted at an event where she will try to gather information for them. It turns out that Pete Springer is the killer and is captured after he makes an attempt on Sandra’s life. 
Stephens and his team bring in a man, John Jacobs, for questioning even though he claims he is innocent and has a pretty solid alibi in the case of each murder. However, he is the one constant in the case as he has been seen with each of the murdered women. The case against him is actually quite weak and Jacobs threatens Stephens with a lawsuit if he doesn't stop harassing him.
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