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Adrenalin: Fear the Rush
Norbert Weisser is Cuzo in this 1996 movie that stars Christopher Lambert and Natasha Henstridge. The cast includes: Norbert Weisser - Cuzo Christopher Lambert - Lemieux Natsha Henstridge - Delon Craig Davis - The Killer
A dangerous virus has infiltrated the world, and is spreading fast. There are only two groups left -- the sick and the healthy. The sick people have been quarantined and the only way out is through a passport, which can only be obtained by working for the government or through the black market. Unlawful possession is punishable by death. Natasha Henstridge's character, Delon is a police officer. She has obtained an illegal passport in order to transport her son to the healthy side. Before she can get him moved, she is caught up in tracking down a blood thirsty killer that strikes swiftly and brutally, and leaves a trail of blood everywhere he goes. He has a particularly virulent strain of the virus that has turned him into a beast with an endless appetite for killing. When her partner is killed tracking the killer, she teams up with another partner, Lemieux, played by Christopher Lambert. After they realize they are in over their heads, they call for backup. Norbert appears as Cuzo, along with his partner Wocek, played by Elizabeth Barondes.
Adrenalin: Fear the Rush
Typical scene of what the Earth has become after the viral attack.
Everywhere they go they find a gruesome trail of blood, body parts and dead bodies of the killers victims. The team finds out that they only have 48 hours to track down this beast and kill him. By that time the virus will be even more dangerous and will spread exponentially throughout the world. They must act quickly in order to save everyone. Scene after bloody scene unfolds with them tracking the killed into an underground maze of ventilation ducts and dark tunnels. Dead bodies are everywhere, bloodstained and maimed. Cuzo goes for help since they are so overpowered by this creature. They eventually corner him, but he ends up killing Wocek and capturing Lemieux and Delon. Just when he is about to make his final attack on them, Cuzo reappears and shoots him. The back-up team gets everyone to safety and in the process ensures that Delon's son is transported to safety in a legal manner.
The team prepares to rescue Delon and find her partner, and hopefully trap The Suspect (also known as The Killer) in the process. Instead, they find a horrific scene of ripped apart bodies and blood. Cuzo tries to become the voice of reason, stating they are overpowered and need more help. His opinion is overlooked, and the team descends deep into a series of underground vents and tunnels, uncovering a trail of yet more bloody bodies.
Norbert Weisser, Adrenalin
Cuzo goes for help after The Suspect opens fire on them and severely wounds members of the team. The Suspect tracks him, but Cuzo escapes. He arrives with back-up in the nick of time, and he kills the beast.
Natasha Henstridge as Delon, Christopher Lambert as Lemieux and Elizabath Barondes as Wocek.
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